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Keara Farnan

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I Only See in Black & White



I enjoyed reading Keara Farnan’s book very much. As well as giving me a much better understanding of autism in general, it gave me a greater insight into what Miss Farnan has to go through on a daily basis. From dealing with others in the work place, to making and losing friendships, to dating, the author gives an honest and forthright view into the battle she faces. Sometimes quite sad but at times uplifting, the book delivers in every aspect. I would recommend it to anyone as a learning tool to those working with people with autism.

Dan McNeil

This young women's personal account of her experiences living with autism speaks honestly and directly from the heart as she confronts her challenges and struggles with being different, misunderstood and rejected.

In spite of the daily obstacles she faces, her spirit shines through and we see a determined individual who keeps ploughing ahead through the ups and downs of anxiety/depression, food sensitivities, body image issues and an eating disorder! I particularly liked the chapter on the power of music to calm her anxiety and provide an escape from the stresses of her world.

An advocate for others on the autism spectrum, she is accomplished and articulate. Her message to inspire all of us? ... always follow your dreams and never give up!

Review by B&G


Inspiring! It was very interesting to read this memoir about somebody living with autism. I would certainly recommend this book to others because the author is actually also a friend of mine whom I have known for three years now and she hopes to write more books in the near future. In one chapter the book talks about why she does not drive and she is definitely not alone. A lot of people do not drive whether they are autistic or not. From my experience, I have to admit yes it is a little bit frustrating taking that test again and again! I also liked that she keeps healthy by eating properly and going to the gym on a regular basis.
- Anonymous 
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After being diagnosed with autism at age seven, Keara faced various challenges socailly and strggled to find acceptance from her peers. 

In her 20's Keara still encounters similar struggles with dating and making friends. However, the obstacles she has faced throughout her life have helped shape her into the strong woman she is today.

I only see in Black & White covers a wide range of topics, such as food sensitivites, refections, employment for autistic individuals, and body image issues.

Through writing this book, Keara hopes that others with autism will be inspired to share their story and come to terms with their diagnosis.



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